Welcome to Mount Alum Connections!

Our new online, password protected Alumnae Directory

This online, password protected Alumnae directory has been created for you—for the many helpful applications you can use in your personal, educational, or professional life. The greater the number of alums who register, the more helpful and powerful this directory will become. To name just a few benefits of how this directory can help you now and in the future:

  • Reconnect with past friends
  • Connect with potential new friends if you move to a new area or state
  • Connect with potential new friends who have interests in common with you
  • Connect with alums for services you may need: doctors, lawyers, interior designers, etc.
  • Connect with alums for career advice
  • Connect with alums in college, graduate, or professional schools that you are considering attending
  • Connect to seek possible part or full-time employment opportunities – indicate you are looking for employment and other alums who are looking to hire can contact you
  • Connect with a wider group that focus on specific groups or topics to facilitate connecting with a wider group:
    • Mount Lawyers
    • Reunion Talk
    • Career Corner
    • Seeking Work
    • Available Work

If you have other suggestions, please let us know on the contact page.

And lastly, our College Counseling department would be very appreciative if they could connect current Mount upperclasswomen to our younger alums now in college or grad school for their take on the colleges and universities they are attending or recently did.

Best regards,
Kate Sullivan, Director of Alumnae Relations